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Consults / Services


Clinical Services

Independent of the team of treating physician, these exams can be called independent medical exams.  Dr. Blumenthal provides the following clinical services:

  • Return to work exam with evaluation of work limitations and restriction

  • Opinion on accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Second opinion under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Disability determination for long term disability plans

  • Disability exam after work related injury under the NJ and NY Statute

  • Disability exam in personal injury litigation

  • Medical examination after asbestos or mold exposure

  • Medical examination in toxic tort litigation

  • Medical examination in malpractice litigation

  • Causality assessment

  • Determination and / or review of appropriateness of treatment

  • IME training and mentoring


Information on Independent Medical Exams

Much about the role of the participants can be learned from the reprint of a consent form Dr. Blumenthal likes to use:


"I understand that I am here for an independent medical examination (IME). This means the doctor(s) will be acting independently from my treating doctor(s). The purpose of the IME is to provide a thorough and fair evaluation of the specific medical problem(s) stemming from the injury or exposure on the job. The doctor will ask about my medical history and jobs past and present. There may be connections which a lay person may find difficult to see.  


The exam will be designed to answer the questions of the party requesting it. The sponsoring party may be an employer, an insurance company, their attorney, a governmental agency, or another physician. The evaluating doctor is not an employee of this sponsor. This sheet outlines the process, my rights, and my responsibilities.  This IME is not a comprehensive medical examination. The evaluating doctor will not provide advice or treatment to me or serve as substitute for evaluation or treatment by my regular treating doctor. There will be no doctor/patient relationship between the evaluating physician and me. Accordingly, there is no doctor/patient privilege associated with this evaluation. 


The doctor(s) will be performing an evaluation only. He will then prepare a report summarizing today’s evaluation and send it to the sponsor. I can ask the sponsor to share that report. The examiner will not treat my condition, nor can he be expected to advise me on my situation.  The evaluation begins with this questionnaire. The doctor will then ask how my problem began and what tests or treatment I have received since. Other information will come from the medical records available. The doctor will then ask me about my current complaints and record a brief medical history and other information, such as my work status, and so on. All information I provide may be included in the report. 


After the interview, the doctor will examine the relevant body part(s), and usually the opposite side for comparison. Any thorough exam will require that I undress. The degree depends on the nature of the medical problem and the body region. All parts involved must be inspected for inflammation, visible weakness or other signs. I will receive an examining gown. I understand that the evaluating physician or I may ask for a chaperone to be present during the physical examination.


Physical examinations of this sort may produce some pain, stiffness, or other symptoms. For instance, the touching a tender spot or checking of a stiff joint can be painful. However, such maneuvers are necessary to understand the condition. The IME is not intended to cause injury or excessive pain. To avoid problems, I must let the doctor(s) know if a certain test is causing too much discomfort or if there is something I can’t do. I understand that I need not perform any maneuvers which might cause further injury or a worsening of my symptoms.

 Additional x-rays or other diagnostic tests may be needed to answer certain questions. These may be performed here or at another facility.  


I have read and understand the information and instructions above. I authorize this physician or an assistant to obtain any information that may be of relevance to the condition(s) in question, and to release that information and the results of this IME (verbally or in writing) to the agency requesting the examination."

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