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Bonn University
Streets of NY - Margins of Society
Streets of NY - Metropolitan Opera
Ancestral Home Münstereifel, Germany
City Hall
Philharmonic Hall - Berlin, Germany
There always is a doctor in the house. The doctor and his guest sit in Block B, Row eight, right corner of the picture.
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Family in Bonn, Germany about 1952
Wedding photo, June 8, 1973
Marianne on California trip, 2012
Clowning around
Pirates in Cancún, about 2005
My father as a gnome.
On a Bavarian vacation my sister dressed my father as a gnome. He always was a good sport. The fawn was real.
Monkeying around on the Riviera Maya
Dr. Lomazow took picture at work
Working in the Emergency Room
Working in the emergency room of Valley Hospital, Ridgewood New Jersey approximately 1990.
Remember the Alamo - 2014
Kids and Astronaut
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Next Generation

Young family, 1986
On Long Beach Island, about 1987
Joyce’s wedding photo, May 3, 2003
Philip and Joyce Di Costanzo
Bert and Kate Blumenthal
Kate Saporetti Blumenthal, 1-24-15
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